Elegance, tranquility and relaxation
We believe in elegance and the nobility of the traditions that were kept over generations.
Classic and modern can only be merged in perfect resonance conditions, so here at Georgius Krauss Home we take care of authentic values.
We offer all services for unique holidays, intimate or official events. The complex will provide the rooms, the restaurant, the salon for events, the terrace - all included in the 4 star category, but also the complementary hotel services and facilities for leasure activities.
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Traveller rating: 9.1Excellent

Traveller rating: 9.1Excellent





Facilities and Services
We thought about every detail for absolute comfort and a glamorous experience. Firstly, the rooms of Georgius Krauss House are arranged to meet all the needs of your guests, whether you are on vacation, celebrating a special occasion, or organizing an event for your company.
We offer you Luxury Rooms, Premium Rooms and Standard Rooms each with its own custom design and charm.
You can opt for a quick check-in.
If you want to shorten the time of the check-in formalities and get right to the room you chose, please send us your passport/ID, address, and credit card number before your arrival at the hotel. Everything will be ready and we will only need a signature before we hand you the key.
You can also opt for a quick check-out.
We value your time! Please notify the Reception when you are ready to check-out, and the invoice will be ready when you arrive at the reception.
The rooms also benefit of the following facilities: wake up call, internet access, baby crib, minibar (aditionaly charged), parking (for 5 ron / day), valet services, safe at reception, luggage room, panic button and underfloor heating in the baths, bicycle rentals at a cost of 30 lei/4h/bicycle, extra bed at a cost of 22 euro/night, including breakfast. This bed can be added to room 4 - Cursive Room, room 3 - Canopy Room and room 6 - Thomas Ville Room.
Air conditioning is available in every room. However, an exception is made in the room Georgius Krauss - Fresca Room, where a fan is available for your confort while preserving the medieval paintings on the walls.


 Hotel  Rooms Relaxation
Rail Station Transfer Authentic cuisine Air conditioning Restaurant
Airport Transfer High-class services Minibar Bar/Salon
Concierge Breakfast included Television Terrace
Safe-deposit box at the reception Free Wifi  Telephone Relaxation massage
 * Unfortunately, the house is not suitable for pets. Thank you for understanding.

Architecture & Design
Enclosed in the UNESCO Heritage, the Georgius Krauss House -tourist pension preserves nowadays the facade completed in the second half of the 20th century.
The oldest image of the house could be that captured in an oil painting kept at the Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu. Dateing back to the year 1630, the painting depicts on it's right side, near the Franciscan church, a white-two flored building.
Concidering the existing analogies, it can be assumed that after the big fire  Georgius Krauss House undergoes changes in the appearance of the facade, which was at that time painted in white and decorated with various brown elements, and on the corners with embaded stone like figures.
During the restorations, we found on the walls of the rooms, lost under the masonry and plaster layers, authentic Saxon wall murals and the beautiful wooden ceiling, coffered and painted with floral motifs. The value of the work cannot be estimated. The story of the house, the prestige of the chronicler Georgius Krauss, and the age of the revealed art, have put us in front of a fantastic discovery.
The fresco from the salon
The painting layer in the ground floor salon was kept intact in a small proportion. However, in a segmented niche, we where able to discover, under the masonry, the painting made in the al secco technique which represents oriental elements, similar to the carpets in the featured in the Saxon churches.
In the room with the Fresco, on the side walls, after removing the successive layers of huma and lime, we discovered the "grisaille" wall painting, also made in the al secco technique. The first visible elements were the floral elements made with black, white and different shades of gray, but we can only see a small pieces of the whole painting.
The room wiht the Fresco
In the room situated on the first floor were kept intact two layers of antique plaster, from the 17th century. The first one, which shows another layout of the old windows, is the base of a grayscale painting on which floral elements, gray, black, white and red cinnabar are seen. This layer of painted plaster is covered in a new painting.
In the al secco technique, the second painting layer, the largest as a proportion from the entire venue, represents religious and moralizing figures integrated into scenes representing the cycles of life. In smaller areas were painted vegetation decorations, and all the work discovered here is painted in a wide range of colors: red, gray-blue, yellow, black.
The value of the fresco in this room lies in the broad and conscious theatrical themes it presents, but especially in the fact that the opera can be directly linked to the life and existence of the chronicler Georgius Krauss in this house. Most likely, patronizing the house, the chronicler was the person in charge of requesting these paintings.

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