White room

100 - 120 € (2 pers.)
  • Priveliste :
    twords the inner courtyard
  • Nr. persoane:
  • Facilitati :
    wifi, tv, telephone, king size bed, air conditioning, breakfast included
  • Suprafata :
    18 sqm
White room, standard room with French roof
Room type: STANDARD
Similar to the Green Room in terms of the comfort it provides, but also in terms of surface, color and execution of the furniture. It is also different from the perspective of each piece of furniture, unique within our location.
The bathroom, plated with travertine and granite, has a generous surface, is equipped with a bathtub and sanitary ware from the Ideal range.
Sleeping peacefully is most important. All our guests benefit from beds with the highest quality mattresses (memory). Temperature control is done trough our own central heating station and cast iron radiators and the temperature is cooled by the air conditioners. In the bathroom, the heating is done by floor-mounted installations. The bathroom is also equipped with a panic button.


Casa Krauss is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable vacation in an elegant and welcoming environment. One of the advantages offered is the fact that we accept payment with holiday vouchers issued by the most popular companies, including Edenred, Sodexo and UP Romania.


We accept holiday vouchers