Fresco room

170 - 190 € (2 pers.)
  • Priveliste :
    towards the church
  • Nr. persoane:
  • Facilitati :
    wifi, tv, minibar, telephone, king size bed, breakfast included
  • Suprafata :
    30 sqm
Upper-floor painted luxury room
Also called the Georgius Krauss Room, this is where the noble chronicler lived. Crafted as the museum room of the edifice, this room is the most elegant and full of history in the building.
The noble's preference for this room is also shown by the emblem that was discovered within the original paintings on the walls of the room. Alongside are also the floral paintings represented on the original  wooden ceiling, wich was casetted, and that was discovered during the restoration under the masonry works.
The art that crowns this room is dated approx. 1600, unique in Europe and the world.
In order to expose and preserve the valuable artwork that decorates arround the walls of the room, the architects and designers which worked on the restoration, designed an atypical bathroom made entierly out of glass. The bathroom, with travertine and granite on 2 walls, is equipped with Ideal Standard sanitary ware and feautres a shower cabin.
In the whole room the solid wooden furniture is hand-made and sculpted manually. Note that the matrimonial bed furniture is a unique piece that is designed to revive the specific spirit of the Middle Ages while still sustaining great comfort for our guests.
Sleeping peacefully is most important. All our guests benefit from beds with the highest quality mattresses (memory). Temperature control is done trough our own central heating station and cast iron radiators and the temperature is cooled by the air conditioners. For the comfort of guests the bathroom is equipped with foam and bath salts. In the bathroom, the heating is done by floor-mounted installations. The bathroom is also equipped with a panic button.
Free rail station transfer is available, we will facilitate transportation to and from the airport, on-site trips, conference and private parties, in the best conditions offered by our partners.


Casa Krauss is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable vacation in an elegant and welcoming environment. One of the advantages offered is the fact that we accept payment with holiday vouchers issued by the most popular companies, including Edenred, Sodexo and UP Romania.


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