Standard Rooms
Casa Georgius Krauss
The standard rooms of the hotel are arranged to meet all the needs of our guests, whether you are on vacation or you are enjoying a special occasion in your life.
We have at your disposal the Twin Room, the Green Room and the White Room, each with its own design and charm.
You can opt for a quick check-in. 
If you want to shorten the time for the registration formalities and get you right to your chosen room, please send us your passport / ID, address, and credit card number before your arrival at the hotel. Everything will be ready and we will only need a signature before the key is received.
You can also opt for a quick check-out.
We value your time! Please notify the Reception when you are ready for check-out, and the invoice will be ready until you arrive at the reception.
The rooms also have the following facilities: wake up call, internet access, baby crib, minibar (for a fee), parking (for 5 ron / day), valet services, safe at the reception, luggage room, panic button and underfloor heating in baths, bike rentals at a cost of 30lei / 4h / bicycle.
Air conditioning is present in every room.