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Traditional and international dishes
Chef's Dish
Tender beef fillet, full of flavour emphasised with the help of balsamic vinegar. We serve it on a bed of spinich leaves boiled with care, and accompanied by sweet cipollino.
Chef's recommendation


House Pie

Prepared according to an old recipe of grandmother's, made from fresh apples. It is sweetened and seasoned with cinnamon, reminding us of childhood mornings and sweetening our life.

Apple pie


Royal Salmon

A sumptuous dish, found among the preferences of the British Royal House, even on the list of Her Majesty the Queen. We follow the original recepie, with pomegrande and mango that transforms the dish in a truly flavored dish, served appropriately to such a delicacy.

Royal Salmon


Vegetable cream soup with truffle oil and prosciutto

Fresh, local vegetables are turned into a rich and soft cream, full of flavour. For a splash of the authentic we add a bit of truffle oil and prosciutto.

Vegetable creme


Filed pork meat and sausages with grilled polenta
We learn from the tales of our elders of making meat tender by keeping it in grease.Both meat and sausages, freshly taken from smoking, were nested in grease to make them last longer, through the winters. The nourishing dish is now a delicacy, and we prepare it just the way our elders have taught us.
Filed pork meat and sausages


Transylvanian Stew

Fresh pork neck, seasoned in Transylvanian style, with cumin and tarragon, covered in tender pastries to saturate the taste. No dish is more authentic than this.

Transylvanian Stew

Caramelised parfait
Originally, parfait was a coffee-flavored ice cream at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Today, it is based on the creamy combination of egg cream, a syrup made from yolks, mixed with sour cream, caramelized and then frozen.
Caramelised parfait